Discover the caves and castles in the Dordogne

Must-see caves to visit

When you stay in the Périgord, at Flower camping *** Les Terrasses de Dordogne, you will be struck by the omnipresence of prehistory. In the region, 200 prehistoric sites are listed. 200,000 years of history are thus retraced.

The Cave of Rouffignac St Cernin

The cave of Rouffignac St Cernin is a huge cave with 8 km of galleries spread over 3 levels, the largest of which can reach a dozen meters high or a dozen wide, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is decorated with more than 250 animal figures dating back 150 centuries.

Take a ride on an electric train to see the work of our ancestors.  

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Discover the Proumeyssac chasm

Called the Crystal Cathedral, the abyss is a huge underground vault with walls covered with a multitude of crystals. The density and beauty of these crystals are exceptional. Lighting, music, guided tour, everything is done to make your visit unforgettable.

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The Font-de-Gaume cave

The Font-de-Gaume cave is one of the most beautiful Paleolithic sanctuaries in the world still open to the public. Located in Les Eyzies, 13km from the campsite, you can visit this cave by headlamp and observe the polychrome paintings. Please note that places are limited, so booking is essential.

The Lascaux Cave

In Montignac, half an hour from Flower camping *** Les Terrasses de Dordogne, visit the reproduction of the Lascaux cave, the most famous cave in France, and admire, during a visit, the talent and ingenuity of our ancestors.

The history of the original cave

The site was discovered in 1940 by four teenagers, by chance. In view of the richness of this discovery, it was classified as a historical monument the same year.

It represents 1,900 animals painted or engraved in the rock, dating from around 18,000 BC. It is divided into 7 sectors, over a length of 150 m: Hall of the Bulls, Axial Diverting, Passage, Nave, Cabinet of the Felines, Apsidal Chapel, Well

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grotte lascaux dordogne

Due to its success, the original had to be closed to the public in 1963 to safeguard this threatened heritage. At 200 m, an exact reproduction of 90% of the paintings was created and opened to the public in 1983. The quality of the reproductions is astonishing. You can even feel the freshness of a cave.

The paintings have been reproduced identically

In the bullring you can see aurochs, the largest of which is 5 m long, horses and smaller bovids. One animal remains unidentified and always arouses curiosity: the unicorn. 

The axial Diverture has very high paintings. They could only be drawn with the help of scaffolding. The ingenuity of prehistoric man was boundless.

Please note: the tour lasts 40 minutes with a guide only.

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Cave of Tourtoirac

Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Périgord”, the Tourtoirac cave is located 24 km north of the campsite, in the Auvézère valley, near Hautefort. 

25m underground, this geological cave, crossed by an underground stream, will reveal remarkable crystallisations in 300m of galleries. A special feature of this cave is that it is equipped to receive people with reduced mobility.

 La Roque St Christophe

The largest troglodytic complex in Europe!

13km from Rouffignac Saint Cernin, the Roque Saint Christophe is an astonishing site… proof of Man’s ingenuity in using his natural surroundings.
In this limestone cliff, one kilometre long and 80 metres high, constantly eroded by the river and the frost, a hundred or so rock shelters and long aerial terraces have been dug.

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Imagine a troglodytic village built on 4 or 5 floors, protected by fortifications.

The visit, a real journey through time, will allow you to learn about the daily life of our ancestors, their industry, their art and their cult.

Please note: the tour lasts 40 minutes with a guide only.

Discover the most beautiful castles in the Dordogne

 The Fortified House of Reignac

Between Montignac and Les Eyzies, 15km from the campsite, the Maison Forte de Reignac is a castle-cliff, classified as a “Historic Monument”. Facing the river, leaning against the cliff, this place has always been inhabited by man. With its large troglodyte rooms, its furnished spaces and its museum of torture, you will live a unique experience.  

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Losse Castle

18 km from the campsite, overlooking the Vézère river, the Château de Losse is a splendid pleasure house built in the 16th century on the basis of a medieval fortress dating from the 11th century. Its magnificent terrace has a Renaissance feel and invites you to visit its magnificent gardens.

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Hautefort Castle

Located 35 km north of the campsite, the castle of Hautefort is an ancient medieval fortress and majestically dominates the valley. It is a place steeped in history, preserved and restored by its various owners for over a thousand years. Stroll through its exceptional French gardens and English park.

Château de Commarque

25 km from the campsite, the castle of Commarque and its pristine green setting will transport you back in time. The history of this stone fortress begins in the Middle Ages and evolves through the various owners, ending with the De Commarque family, who undertook its reconstruction in 1972.

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Château des Milandes

Built in 1489, the château des Milandes has a wonderful view over the Dordogne valley. The Renaissance style castle is best known for having been the property of the famous artist Josephine Baker who had a great love for this place and its farmland. Located 25km from the campsite.

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Castle of Castelnaud

Situated 40km from the campsite, the castle of Castelnaud is one of the jewels of the Dordogne. Founded in the 12th century and overlooking the Dordogne valley, it is a perfect example of medieval fortification. It faces the castle of Beynac on the other side of the river.

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