The most beautiful parks and gardens in the Dordogne

Must-see gardens to visit

The classical garden will seek to highlight the perfection of topiary art and to bring out the plant compositions imagined by gardeners. In contrast, the romantic garden, inspired by the English gardens, is inspired by nature and emphasizes the purity of the space.

Discover the gardens of Eyrignac

In the gardens of Eyrignac, nothing is left to chance. Nature is worked to the millimetre. A subtle blend of pure lines and the gentle mixture of greens is discovered. This is undoubtedly why the famous hornbeam alley always captivates visitors: over a distance of 100 metres, there are light-coloured lawns, exotic-looking trees and hornbeams in a row. The establishment also offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside through its planted windows.

jardin eyrignac
jardin de losse

The gardens of Losse in the Vézèr valley

Les jardins de Losse in the Vézère valley introduces you to the garden with the scent of wisteria, lavender balls, rosemary and santoline. The atmosphere is one of well-being and intimacy. To the south of the garden is a green room with bowers. By imagining, this space becomes suitable for meditation and rest.

chateau hautefort

The garden of Hautefort Castle

The garden at Hautefort Castle is a perfect example of a “French garden”. The gardener has arranged the plants on the spot as if he were painting a canvas. The detail of the embroidery can be seen on the windows of the castle and the main courtyard. The topiary art evokes structures, which can be thought of as shells, cones and labyrinths.

The most beautiful parks in the Dordogne

The park of the Château de Campagne

The park of the Château de Campagne offers a pleasant stopover in the middle of redwoods and hundred-year-old cedars.

This park, which has recently been redesigned with English-influenced garden compositions from the 19th century, promises beautiful summer evenings to the rhythm of organised concerts.

chateau de campagne
jardin imaginaire de terrasson

The Imaginary Gardens of Terrasson

With more than six hectares of parkland, the Imaginary Gardens of Terrasson are the only contemporary gardens in the area. These gardens, overlooking the Vézère and facing the old town, invite you to take a unique stroll in the art of gardens.

13 paintings evoking myths and legends about gardens, treated in an allusive way, are based on the universal elements of gardens (water, air, earth, plants). 

During a guided walk, sacred woods, golden threads, water gardens, waterfalls… and a rose garden gradually lead the visitor into the world of the imagination.

jardin planbuisson

Discover the Planbuisson gardens

Planbuisson, a dream of bamboos: a magical walk through lush vegetation where poetry and harmony reign. On 1.5 hectares, a unique collection of bamboos and other grasses from all over the world.

The panoramic gardens of Limeuil

The panoramic gardens of Limeuil are an essential viewpoint on the meeting of the Dordogne and Vézère rivers. 

In this park, you will discover thematic areas that represent our time, an arboretum that represents certain landscapes and interpretation trails on trees and landscapes

jardins de limeuil
jardin médiéval plazac

The medieval garden of Plazac

The medieval garden of Plazac is a place at the foot of the 12th century Bishops’ Castle which has been developed by enthusiastic volunteers. It is a pride of the small village of Plazac.

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